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September 4 – Now Generation/Jenkins

How does reading Jenkins getting you thinking about the video differently than last week?  What do you now “see”?
During the second time watching the video I saw that the creator was trying to portray how people in our generation stay connected.  This generation is not one to wait around and use technology to share thoughts and creations.  We are also not afraid to express ourselves through different forms of media, blogs, photos, or videos, and post them to public places for input from others.

Where and how do you see your assigned Jenkins terms in the Now Generation video?
The main term seen in the video deals with participatory culture because the creator developed a video and then uploaded it to Youtube, which allowed him to share with others.  Uploading to Youtube also allowed complete strangers to comment on his video.  Another term that can be seen is an affiliation, which in this case would be Youtube, because it acts as an online community which is centered around user submitted videos.

August 28 – What is Digital Writing

This free write was a part of my in class introduction to ENGL 307.



Digital writing is writing that is produced digitally such as blogs, online newspapers, or discussion boards.  I participate mainly in blogs, typing papers, and discussion boards for school, but for personal use I use emails as a way to communicate with others.  I also participate in digital writing when using social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Other forms of digital writing:

Photo editing

Documenting medical records at work

Commenting on webpages

Text messaging


Developing program code