Rhetoric on the Town: Contrast

Vintage Toyota Tundra Advertisement

rhetorical analysis:

The main purpose of this ad is to sell and promote the Tundra from the automobile makers Toyota.  The audience for this advertisement is most likely men, and the audience could be narrowed down even further to upper class men.  One way you know this is aimed at men is because of the statement “Power and efficiency. Like steak and eggs.” which can be viewed as a meal common for most men.  Another indicator that the advertisement is aimed at men is because of the color scheme used for the advertisement.  Black, yellow, and white can be considered masculine colors.

design element analysis:

The main design element seen in the advertisement is contrast.  The bulk of the ad is black lettering on yellow background which allows the text to stand out.  The black tundra placed on the yellow background also stands out to the viewer.  The actual name of the truck which is Tundra is seen down at the bottom placed in a black box with white lettering which makes it stand out from the rest of the ad.

2 Responses to Rhetoric on the Town: Contrast

  1. I agree that the many design element used in this advertisement is contrast. Using such a lightly colored background allows the Tundra to stand out and that’s where the audience’s eye goes to first. Using such strong contrasting colors makes the truck stand out even more the eye.

  2. Again, how/why does the design element of contrast help support the specific elements within the rhetorical situation? Revise & resubmit for full credit.

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