Rhetoric on the Town: Alignment

Subaru Impreza Advertisement













rhetorical analysis:

The main purpose for this advertisement is to sell the car Impreza which is made by the automobile maker Subaru.  Due to the wintery environment of the advertisement some of the targeted audience may live up North or in places that receive high amounts of snowfall.  The fact that it’s a car and driving in snowy icy conditions may attract the audience of people who are looking for safe cars who have lots of traction.  Since the ad actually states the base price of the Impreza it shows that the target audience would not be the upper class, but would in fact include the middle class or people who are just starting off in careers that may not be making the big bucks yet.

design element analysis:

This advertisement’s main design element is alignment.  The car, description of the car, “headline,” and price are all left aligned.  The only item on the advertisement that is right aligned is the company’s name which is “Subaru” and the Subaru symbol.  The alignment element works because since the majority of the advertisement is aligned to the left and leaving only the company’s name right aligned the reader’s name is naturally drawn that way.

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  1. So how, exactly, does the alignment support the specifics of the rhetorical situation you discussed above? Revise & resubmit for full credit.

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