Rhetoric on the Town: Balance

Finding Nemo movie poster

rhetorical analysis:

The main purpose for the movie poster is to advertise and build hype for the release of Finding Nemo into theaters.  The audience for this advertisement varies.  The main audience would of course be younger children maybe 5 and up and parents of children that fall into this age group because it is an animated movie.  Another audience would be for people who saw Monsters Inc because it is mentioned that the creators of Monster Inc also created Finding Nemo.

design element analysis:

The main design element seen in this advertisement is balance, symmetrical balance to be exact.  If the poster were to be folded in half the sharks face would be divided equally.  Another balance feature seen is that everything is centered and flows toward the bottom.  These elements work because they draw the viewers eyes towards the bottom where the poster displays the release date.

2 Responses to Rhetoric on the Town: Balance

  1. I love the comment about flowing to the release date!

  2. This is a good example of balance. While the ad is symmetrical, it is also evenly distributed. It’s not cluttered even though it uses a large image to draw in the audience.

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