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ENGL 380 – Jingle Bell Run/Walk Article

Walking through the Webb Center at Old Dominion University during activity hour you’re always guaranteed to find something interesting going on, but with the jingle of jingle bells everyone is drawn to one table.  At the table several students are handing out pizza, flyers, and candy canes.  There is also a laptop on the table where Facebook’s homepage is open.  What could all of this be about?

Flyer that students were asked to post a picture to Facebook or Instagram

It turns out to be a group of students gathering volunteers and participants for the upcoming Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis.  During the activity hour students from English 381, which is a Public Relations course offered at Old Dominion, were asking students to use different forms of social media to promote the event.  Students were asked to post a picture of the flyer to Facebook or Instagram or students could post a tweet to Twitter about the event.  If the students shared the event using one of the forms of social media they were rewarded with a free slice of pizza.  Was the bribe of free pizza effective?  According to Aleasa Whitaker she thought it was “really effective that we had free pizza.”  Aleasa Whitaker said they had purchased some 96 slices of pizza and all were gone by the end of activity hour.  Therefore the event was shared at least 96 times by using social media.

Arthritis Foundation flyer

The event has been hosted by Old Dominion for the past few years and helps to gain awareness and money to help fight arthritis.  Old Dominion partners up with the Arthritis Foundation to host the run/walk on campus during the end of the year.  The Arthritis Foundation works to research for treatment, risk factors, and new sciences to improve the lives of people who suffer.  The foundation also works to change the lives of people affected and works to get more funding from the government.


The event is this Saturday, December 1.  The Reindeer Run starts at 7:30am followed by the 5k Chip-timed Run at 8:00am and the 3k Walk at 8:15am.  Be sure to wear your holiday gear and be full of holiday cheer!


Rhetoric on the Town: Flow

Pedigree Puppy Food Advertisement

rhetorical analysis:

The main purpose for this advertisement is to promote the sale of Pedigree dog food.  The advertisement is not specific about which Pedigree product they are trying to advertisement for, but the fact that there is a puppy on the top of the billboard most likely means they are trying to promote the sale of their puppy food line.  The main audience for this ad is obviously new dog owners or people who own dogs in general.  Another possible audience for the ad is possibly someone looking to buy a dog since the phrase “dogs rule” is located in the middle of the billboard.

design element analysis:

The main design element seen in the advertisement would have to be flow.  At first the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the puppy which seems to be ‘laying’ on top of the billboard.  The viewer then follows the puppy’s paw down to the middle where the phrase “dogs rule” is located.  At the end of the phrase the viewer then notices the bright yellow bag of dog food located down in the bottom right.  This advertisement seems to follow the natural flow of left to right.

Project 2: Tutorials

After watching a few tutorials and doing some reading I’ve decided to use another form of Photoshop which is Adobe Photoshop Elements because it offers a few more options for photo editing.

adjusting colors/effects:

The below YouTube video is a quick tutorial on adjusting colors in Photoshop Express.  This tutorial was beneficial because I plan on adjusting the colors in my photo to make them brighter and make them ‘pop’ to the viewer.

The below tutorial talks about how to apply the different filters to photos and gives a quick overview of each filter.

 adding text:

The below video is perfect for the text that I want to add on the image.  I had the idea of using a ‘circular’ feel for text and this video describes how to modify and insert the text.