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Wow! Bolter really knows how to take a potentially interesting subject and bore you to death with a trillion examples, but really the article could have been shorter and gotten the same point across.

key terms:

Remediation – The idea of taking old media and “remixing” it to produce new media for the audience

Webcam Jukebox – According to the article a webcam jukebox allows the user to take a photo with different backgrounds which can include, but are not limited to, world wonders, nature, or different types of weather

Immediacy – The idea of presenting/sharing something with someone instantly

Borrow – When different types of media borrow other broadcasts/stories from


websites, newscasts, or newspapers

Hypermediated Events – An event that has been over mediated possibly due to other medias borrow or due to the event being seen on different types of media

new media/old media

“Old Media”

The article draws a connection between new media and old media by saying that through a cycle old media is “refashioned” in order to develop the new media.  “New digital media are not external agents that come to disrupt an unsuspecting culture.  They emerge from within cultural contexts, and they refashion other media, which are embedded in the same or similar contexts.”  This statement found in the article states that new media is not really “new” media, instead it is just old media which has been remixed/changed in order to revisited.  A perfect example of this is when a news site takes photos, interviews, or pieces of an older article and then includes the “old” information in the new article to be reposted.  The new article may contain new information, but it may also contain “remixed” information from an old article which is now being presented to the target audience.

“New Media”


After reading the article and re-reading sections of the article I have finally come to the conclusion that it was remediation.  Remediation is where old media is taken and transformed into new media which now appeals to the same people once again and hopefully appeals to a newer crowd as well.  By revisiting and revamping old media people are able to transfer their experiences and opinions to others by appealing to different “senses.”


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